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Yuichiro Sasano - enoops social
Yuichiro Sasano
Yuichiro Sasano perpetually surprises his guest with exquisite, refined Japanese delights by performing an alluring display of knife-work and cooking on a hot plate. His award-winning versions of mouth-watering Teppanyaki dishes are inspired by the most exceptional freshest seasonal products that is just heavenly, imaginative, and appealing.
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Benoît Bordier - enoops social
Benoît Bordier
Benoît Bordier has made highly innovative and genuinely elucidated years of wisdom in the French culinary world. Each plate manifests his love of ingredients and is the product of spontaneous and explicit combinations. He is a master magician whose eloquent vision and childish playfulness turn gourmet into an extraordinary journey.
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Jacques Le Divellec
Celebrated legendary Jacques Le Divellec, known for giving prominence to its authentic flavors of exceptional prepared options of an outstanding seafood menu that never fails to impress.
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Melchor Alvarez Gonzalo - enoops social
Melchor Alvarez Gonzalo
Melchor Alvarez Gonzalo is a great culinary artist;each dish is a small yet exquisite temple to complexity and flavor.
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Philippe Legendre - enoops social
Philippe Legendre
Philippe Legendre, one of the world's remarkable chefs, proposes a traditional and generous cuisine that blends with classic and modern twists that will delight the gourmets' palate. He uses essential flavors with the finest seasonal ingredients; everything is pure harmony, lightness, and finesse.
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Anthony Clémot - enoops social
Anthony Clémot
Anthony Clémot was formerly the chef de cuisine at Westermann's restaurant in the Sofitel Lafayette that celebrated star chef Antoine Westermann owned. His generous, perfectly-season eye-catching, savory plates are tastefully decorated with top-notch produce full of twists and tales, illustrating his French culinary heritage.
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