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Andoni Luis Aduriz
Andoni Luis Aduriz began his culinary studies while working in Spain's most influential kitchens under numerous renowned chefs, including Ferran Adrià; then, in 1998, he opened Mugaritz and achieved various awards. His innovative defying and playful menu with a balance between avant-garde and traditional Basque cuisine, focusing on local ingredients from the mountains and the sea.
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Kikkoman Best Soy Sauce!
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Dominique Bouchet
Tenured with Joël Robuchon and then became Chef de Cuisine at famous establishments like the Jamin, La Tour d'Argent, and the hotel de Crillon inspired the turning point of Chef Dominique Bouchet's career. For over 30 years, he has been a reputable name in the culinary realm and has been behind multiple Michelin-starred owners of restaurants in Paris and Tokyo. With his lifelong pursuit of fine cuisine, his way of life reveals in the simple, tasteful, and memorable food arrangement.
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