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enoops! Foodies & Clubbing social platform.

The premise is simple: members can create a digital page with photos and videos about their favorite food, restaurants, and chefs. enoops is a social network that rewards its user's engagement with tokens. Users can create posts covering a wide range of topics. Each post generates a token. Other members then can add comments and -Love-. (The -Love- system is similar to -Like- on other popular platforms)

The enoops social platform has increased in popularity over the year and grown from strength to strength. You can search for individuals, chefs, restaurants, etc. You can also make new friends among the users. enoops social proves that you don't need to be a famous chef, food lover, foodie, clubbing mania or restaurant to build your fanbase. enoops social is a space to meet new people, strike up a conversation, and become friends. enoops social has quickly become the go-to spot for Foodies & Clubbing in the U.S.

enoops is a social network that rewards its users engagement with tokens. Each social engagement generates a token.

With enoops social rapid expansion and growth, we continue to enrich people's lives. In this pursuit of excellence, we stand firm on the values of ethics and integrity to encourage and maintain our corporate culture.